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Stacey Sather headshot

Stacey’s lifelong cultivation of her fine art, commercial design, and photography accomplishments blend to create her talented eye and skilled hand at creating her well-known images.


Having received her degree in painting and a minor in photography in the pre-digital age, she fell in love with the ability to capture, create and print her creative visions on canvas in the post-digital age.

Stacey’s ability to capture photographs at exactly the right moment melts images into time, propelling her work from pictures to experiences, allowing the viewer to relive that magical moment.

She invites the viewer into an image to experience the call of a bird, the touch of a breeze, and the fragrance of sea air. St. Augustine, Stacey’s hometown for more than 15 years, is known for its beauty, history and cultural allure. Best of all, the Old City touches each of us in unique ways we want to hold on to forever. Emotions that arise from those moments keep us connected to the things and places we love, and to cherished memories we tuck away. Stacey gives us the gift of reliving those moments and memories as if we were there again.

As she shares her latests works, follow Stacey on her photo exploration of the Nation’s oldest city and the amazing beauty of the natural world that surrounds it.



“I’m often asked if my images are photos or paintings for two reasons:  My images are printed on canvas and they are more creative than a traditional photo. My education was in fine art/painting/illustrating, and my passion has become photography. I combine my education and passion in my creative process, finishing my images by printing them with archival canvas and inks. The result is fine art photography.”

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